Trippie Redd

Trippie Redd

USA (Canton)


It might sound like a nickname extracted from an automatic hip hop blaze generator, but you wouldn't dare to repeat it in the face of this young red-dreadlocked MC. Born in 1999 (!) in a town called Canton in the far corners of Ohio, our friend Trippie went to Atlanta immediately upon reaching adulthood to work on his already heavy-duty flow. A protégé of Lil Wop, accomplice of the exciting 6ix9ine or Quavo (best 1/3 of the Migos) and friend of the late XXXTentacion, Trippie Redd is stopping in Dour with "Life's a Trip", his only album to date.


  • hip hop
  • trap
  • pop rap
  • emo rap
  • new generation
  • melodic rap


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