Back in 2000 on a beach in the South West of France, a battery operated Yamaha CS01 synthetizer with integrated loud-speaker and an accoustic guitar was all Vegomatic needed to play. Later on, the four musicians (three boys and a girl) immersed themselves in such diverse and varied influences as French film soundtracks from the sixtees, Techno sounds and 60's garage and instrumental Surf Music. All this is mixed together, digested and sometimes collated with the preset patterns of their low range drum machine. Bass, drums, synthesizers and guitar (Mosrite !) are played live and a pocket sampler is switched on instantly. Onomatopoeia and backing vocals soar above the lot like a boosted 3Ghz Surfin Bird. 100% electrosurf exploding on stage ! ?


  • french
  • indie
  • surf
  • alternative
  • alternative rock
  • electro


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