Dour Festival 2023

La Squadra Umoja

feat. Volt Selector, Omar Perry, Brother Culture, Ashanti 3000, Dynamic, Sophie Demeyer, Saule & Baloji


‘Umoja’, in Swahili, is the word for unity. This is certainly the appropriate word for this exclusive project made up of Volt Selector (the number 1 Belgian dub combo), Omar Perry (son of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry), Ashanti 3000 (dub activist), Saule (from Saule & les Pleurers), Baloji (ex-Starflam), Brother Culture (Manasseh Hi-Fi/Renegade Soundwave/Subsonar/Mungo’s Hi-Fi/The Prodigy), Dynamic (Dynamic Band/Grimelock), Freddy Loco (Freddy Loco & The Gorgo’s Ska band), Fred A. Calabrese (Superamazoo) and MZLSO (François De Meyer's (Disco Drunkards) sister and talented singer). A sonic unity, paying homage to dub, the genre to which d&b, trip-hop, dubstep, jungle and even hip-hop owe so much. This amalgamation of talents mainly from Belgian soil will also pay homage to Fayaman, the singer from Volt Selector, gone too soon... The phrase goes 'impossible isn't Belgian' – La Squadra Umoja confirm this!



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