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BEL (Ghent)


Belgian X&trick started out as a dj and party promoter in 1998. He was one of the first Dj's to introduce new music styles like breakcore, industrial, braindance, hardcore and drill n bass into the Belgian underground scene. These days, X&trick has become one of the leading figures in the Belgian underground electronic scene, and he's not planning to stop his sonic mission anytime soon. X&trick's style is described by himself as 'Neorave': countless kinds of (contemporary) music like DrumNBass, Electronica, Hardcore, Rave, Jungle get blended into a fresh cocktail of mad beats, sharp bass and catchy melodies. With a fresh ear for contemporary music, he always seems to adapt to the mood of the night and the dance floor.


  • belgium
  • breakbeat
  • breakcore
  • electro
  • idm


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