Zwangere Guy

Zwangere Guy

BEL (Bruxelles)


If you like rap and Belgium, you will surely have heard of the phenomenon that is Zwangere Guy. Best album, best song, best live act and, above all, artist of the year: the Dutch-speaking Brussels resident won it all at the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards 2019 ceremony. His real name is Gorik van Oudheusden and the artist, a member of the STIKSTOF crew, breaks codes and looks just as good when he features with Roméo Elvis, Selah Sue and Arno. He flew over the year 2019 to end it in a cannonball by releasing his album "BRUTAAL" – followed by "BRUTXXL" in 2020 – he seems unstoppable. We can't wait to find out what the rapper has in store for 2021. One thing is certain: he will be at Dour Festival for the 3rd time and will have the privilege of taking over The Last Arena stage for the first time!


  • rap
  • hip-hop
  • underground rap
  • belgium
  • belgian hip hop
  • vlaamse rap


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