Dour Festival dedicates a stage to avant-garde Metal on Saturday 13th July with Neurosis as headliner!

Because Dour means love, but above all also musical diversity.


Dour Festival strives to continue to evolve and to play a leading role in the best contemporary music, regardless of its genre. Dour Festival wants to be a pioneer of talent and at the same time highlight the musical niches that have shaped the history and DNA of the festival.


That’s why we decided to dedicate Saturday 13th July to avant-garde Metal.


On the programme: a sublime performance of the Californian legend Neurosis at the very top of the list, the British band Electric Wizard, which has become a historical reference on stoner and doom stages, the arrival of the American metal trio YOB, the exclusive creation between the bands The Body & Full of Hell, the hard rock of the Belgians Wiegedood, the hardcore of the French Birds In Row without forgetting the promising Ghent music of Vonnis.



The festival takes place from 10 to 14 July 2019.

Discover the first 60 names announced on


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