AZF is one of the four curators of Dour Festival’s opening night on Wednesday 15 July. She has unveiled her line up!

Neo-priestess of the industrial techno scene and mastermind of the collective“Qui Embrouille Qui“, AZF is one of the four curators of Dour Festival’s opening night on Wednesday 15 July. She has finally unveiled her line up!


It’s a beautiful story that is written between AZF and Dour Festival! Audrey Carcassone aka AZF performed at Dour Festival for the first time in 2017. Her powerful and uncompromising set had left no one indifferent. Every year since then she has been included in the programme for Dour Festival, which seems to be her new home. For the trouble, she will inaugurate La Chaufferie, the festival’s brand new giant nightclub, which will be located in the heart of the site, by offering a programme of her own! 


AZF is going to hit hard and has announced the inclusion of the French ascendant vierge, the brand new collaboration between Paul Seul, co-founder of the group Casual Gabberz, and Mathilde Fernandez, known for her lyrical and bewitching voice. Also on the programme is a b2b between Lux 18 and the latest recruit from the collective “Qui Embrouille Qui : Nathan Zahef


Rebekah and Manni Dee, two English artists known for sets with techno and industrial sounds and early-hardcore influences, will also be sharing the turntables.


Lastly, the final confirmation under the leadership of AZF is Body Sushi (Randomer x VTSS),  the fruit of a recent collaboration between the queen of Polish hard techno VTSS and the London-based producer Randomer. The Body Sushi duo offers an invitation to take a ride on a neo-rave roller coaster! 


It would be hard to dream up a better inauguration for this brand new stage than letting AZF programme her associates there for her first time as curator at Dour Festival! With a programme like this, we will have to cross our fingers that La Chaufferie will survive the opening night. 

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