Channel Tres, Makaya McCraven and 33 new names at #dour2020!

35 new names including Channel Tres, Lala &ce, Pongo, Sherelle and Makaya McCraven are added to the Labo #dour2020 line-up. 


Converging at Dour Festival for 5 days of love and music are the biggest headliners of the moment plus those of tomorrow, all styles and nationalities mingling on the 9 stages of the festival. Among them is Le Labo, which, as its name suggests, acts as a laboratory for avant-garde sound experiments and which has welcomed the new headliners of today’s big marquees: Flavien Berger, Acid Arab, Agar, Red Axes, Palms Trax, AZF, or Mall Grab, Kevin Morby, Josman and L’Or du Commun, among others. 


Today, Dour Festival announces 35 new names that join the Labo programming, starting with  Channel Tres from Compton, one of the spearheads of hip-house who mixes house music and hip-hop, Lala &ce whose mind-blowing productions and committed texts make her one of the rising figures of French rap but also the Angolan Pongo who embodies loud and clear the revival of a whole slice of Kuduro, British DJ Sherelle, main protagonist of the one of the best Boiler Rooms of 2019 and Makaya McCraven, flagship of the Chicago jazz scene. 


This year, Labo is giving pride of place to electronics through Belgium’s Front de Cadeaux, the Brussels duo made up of DJ Athome and Hugosan and AliA who, at only 20 years old, already impresses with his sharp knowledge of clubbing and his mix technique, the British resident at NTS AFRODEUTSCHE influenced by Drexciya and Underground Resistance and Octo Octa, co-founder of the evenings and of the T4T LUV NRG label.  


The avant-garde of the French Oklou, her compatriot Shygirl and the Frenchman exiled in Brussels Jardin, accompanied by his punk spirit and rap electronics, will resonate alongside the texts of the American Bbymutha and those of the new Belgian rap prodigy: Swing.


From Uganda, South Africa or Ghana, mixing electronic, Shangaan, Zulu, Acholi and Soukous rhythms, the songs of Muzi, Nihiloxica, Onipa or Otim Alpha will flood Labo with a solar atmosphere made of dreamlike melodies and a call to trance.


Still more experimental jazz proposals with the Belgian BeraadGeslagen who will play, as usual, in the middle of the audience, Commander Spoon, the Brussels quartet representing the new black-yellow-red jazz wave, and the duo Nikitch & Kuna Maze offering a mix of jazz, broken beat and hip-hop. 


The voices of Belgians David Numwami, multi-instrumentalist and collaborator of Nicolas Godin (Air) or Charlotte Gainsbourg, EMY and his neo-soul, as well as that of MEYY, whose music oscillates between lo-fi, pop and R&B, will also be there.


Two groups with profiles as complex as they are unique will also do us the honour of taking to the Labo stage. The Brazilians of Teto Preto, with their unique performances and political texts, as well as the Dutch YĪN and their music between 60’s and 70’s music from Southeast Asia, mixed with psychedelic rock and electronic sounds, will give the audience at Dour Festival the chance to continue a world tour of sound.


On the Saturday, it will be the best of diggers and Brussels DJ Lefto, always on the lookout for the latest trends and whose musical culture has no limits, who will take control of Labo. Resident at Dour Festival since 2006, he will present an afternoon between new jazz, R&B and hip-hop alongside the Brussels ECHT! and their powerful jazz and live performances, the excellent drummer Makaya McCraven who released “We’re New Again” in February, a sublime re-interpretation of the latest album by Gil Scott Heron and Neue Grafik Ensemble, the new generation of London jazz at the crossroads between jazz, house and hip-hop. Lynda Dawn, Greentea Peng and Makala will also join this stage as will Sessa, the acid of Paranoid London live, the house of KETTAMA and, of course, a colourful set from Lefto.

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