Press release

DOUR FESTIVAL  – 12/07/2019 

Following the 3 complaints relating to rape applied by young women at Dour Festival, the organisers and the Red Cross point out that, in addition to the important security and preventions measures taken, a series of initiatives have been put in place the recent years in order to improve the gestion of incidents and the subimission of complaints at the police station.

Safety and prevention has always been high on the agenda of Dour Festival, but the victim support is an aspect of an in-depth reflection. That is why this year an ESAP area, “Espace de Soutien et d’Accueil Psychosocial”, was created as part of the SISU system set up by the Red Cross to ensure that festival-goers are properly listened to and supported on site.

The recent events of the last 48 hours show us the importance of the prevention and support mechanisms Dour Festival has put in place. “The victims were received instantly by our specialised support service” explains Damien Dufrasne, festival director, before going on: “Despite the many initiatives taken regarding prevention and security, we regret that reports of violence are coming in. We continue working to prevent and avoid these kind of attacks and take all necessary precautions to achieve this. It is essential that the behaviour and mentality changes and Dour Festival wants to take an active role regarding this evolution.”

Today, more than 1,000 police officers, 300 Red Cross representatives and numerous reception staff work together to ensure the safety and medical follow-up of the more than 50,000 festival-goers 24 hours a day. A police station was set up on site to manage problems and register complaints more efficiently. The three cases forwarded by the police zone of Hauts Pays are currently the subject of a judicial investigation.

The organisers remind festival-goers how important it is to be attentive and to watch over your friends, to apply the basic rules of personal safety and to uphold the principles of respect, consent and tolerance in all circumstances. At this stage we let justice do its work and continue to monitor these 3 cases.

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