Discover the visual artists for #dour2019!

Now that our entire musical lineup has been revealed, it’s time to highlight another category of artists.


The VJs Arf & Yes, Ari Dykier, Cassie Raptor, Daniel Day Long, Emiko, Malo Lacroix, Rabbit Killerz, Rene Van Dijk, RIEN., VHS and WSK are joining us at #dour2019 and will take command of the screens at the Red Bull Elektropedia Balzaal, the giant dancefloor of the festival that will bring us a continuous show every day for 12 hours long!


The scenography this year will be even more impressive and should give you a graphical slap in the face, one you’ll need a full year to recover from!

An enormous surprise is awaiting you!


We’ll see each other in less than three weeks!

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