54 YARD by 54 SOUND

54 YARD by 54 SOUND

54 Sound was built in 2014 by the Brussels based 54KOLAKTIV. The party collective made a name with their accesible and eclectic parties in suprising locations in Brussels. 54 has always been inspired by soundsystem culture – reggae, dubstep, bass and free parties – and wanted to bring this to their own parties with a good soundsystem. 54 Sound was build in 2014 during a participative workshop, guided by Jahmbassador Hifi and Ionyouth Soundsystem. The initial philosophy of the collective still remains; proposing a quality soundsystem to local associations and organisations, sharing quality sound and proposing different genres.

With: 54 Sound  — Anti-Viral — Boiler Roux — Bona Lea — Ill Syll — Nalish Karkalash — Nico — Onda Sonora —  Raql — Sebcat Rebel Up — Rrita Jashari — Salty Peanuts  — Skar — zOz 

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