NoName stage

NoName stage

The idea behind NoName is simple. No name. No label. A neutral wording that reflects its intransigent attitude towards art industry standards and trends – and its rejection of any attempt at pigeonholing.

First among these reasons is its desire to break and form connections. To leave prejudice, preconceptions and bad vibes at the door. To reconnect with nature and the things that really matter. To create a space for boundless sharing and creativity.

Over the past 12 years, its modest efforts have brought people together. Dazzled and delighted. Built connections. Expanded horizons. Created new things. 

At Dour CampFest, its program will be focused on an open air/club-oriented vibes. To make you dance, smile and just enjoy the simple things, get back to the idea of PARTYing with friends.

With: Chris Ferreira — Cabasa — Daniel[i] —  Emily Jeanne — Ghaza & Ju — Issa Maïga — John Krook LIVE — Karla Böhm — Larson — LAY by Coline Cornélis — Nicolas — NOSIME — Van Anh — VLE — Walrus — Zangas 

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