Dour Festival 2023

Dour Festival 2022, the full lineup! 👀

The lineup of Dour Festival features more than 220 artists, 8 scenes, headliners and emerging artists, all styles combined, but above all a lot of love and a Doureuuuh community!


It is often said of Dour that its best headliner is the festival itself which, year after year, has built a solid reputation in Belgium and internationally thanks to its community, its extraordinary atmosphere, its campsites and its musical program which mixes established artists and emerging talents, with all styles combined.


Today, Dour Festival completes its 2022 poster and announces the additions of BLOND:ISH, Booba, Caballero & JeanJass, Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul, City Morgue, DJ EZ, Ghostface Killah, Hugo TSR, KAS:ST live, Morad, Parcels, Roméo Elvis, Squarepusher, The Bug feat. Flowdan, Albi X, AliA, Apashe, Azo, Bakari, Bothlane, David Numwami, DC Salas, EMY, Frontal Soundsystem, Gotti Maras, Green Montana, Jawbreakers, JUICY, K.ZIA, Kalash, Karla Böhm, Kenny Mason, KT Gorique, Les Louanges, Logic1000, Lola Haro, Marhu, Mika Oki, Nikitch & Kuna Maze, OTON, Smahlo, STACE, The Haunted Youth, and Youssef S watt’s.


Head to the Last Arena for some great gatherings where Vald, who is doing everything right now, will perform or Laylow, the most digital rapper in the game, for two unique dates in Belgium. You can also see the new jewel of the Belgian crown, Angèle, whom Dour Festival has supported since the beginning of her extraordinary career. Meet the king of drip and legend of American rap Gunna. He will present his latest album as well as hip-hop superstar US Trippie Redd.


The Dour Festival teams are especially excited to surprise the festival-goers with the inauguration of a brand new stage, La Chaufferie. A giant disco located in the heart of the festival, La Chaufferie will give pride of place to the dark rave, gabber, hardtech, dubstep, 150 BPM techno and drum and bass atmospheres with rap, reggae and amapiano accents. It is with great pride that we welcome unifying names like Dj Hype, Casual Gabberz or Danny L Harle, but also to introduce new artists. Among the 45 bands that will perform on this stage, festival-goers will dance freely to Nyege Nyege, the most avant-garde festival in East Africa and a drum and bass poster that invites A.M.C. feat. Phantom, Bou, DJ Hype and Randall in B2B, Black Sun Empire feat. Multiplex or Kings of the Rollers & Inja, etc. 


If La Chaufferie can be compared to a dance floor scene, it is obviously because its big open air format sister, the Balzaal, will be the great meeting place for clubbers. The Balzaal will once again this year welcome the biggest names of international and Belgian electronics for a 5-day immersive party to the sound of techno and house kicks of the immense Carl Cox who finds himself this year in the honorary position of curator of the stage and will have carte blanche on Wednesday. He will celebrate his very  first visit to Dour, just like another big shot in thisgenre: the German Sven Väth. The Blessed Madonna, Amelie Lens, I Hate Models as well as u.r. trax, Logic1000 and AIROD join the bill.


The Boombox, the largest marquee in Dour, will vibrate to the hip-hop sounds of the festival during the day with many Belgian artists such as STIKSTOF, Peet, Hamza or Caballero & JeanJass, but also international stars such as GoldLink, Rico Nasty, Benny The Butcher or Princess Nokia. There will also be the big current French names with, among others, Gazo, Oboy or Josman. At night, the Boombox will turn into a big electronic scene with Sub Focus, Vladimir Cauchemar, DJ EZ or Mandragora.


The guitars and indie will again have their place in the Dour programme, especially on the side of the Petite Maison in the Prairie and the Labo. Groups such as Sleaford Mods , Warmdusher, Black Country New Road, Black Midi and Los Bitchos join the Dour Festival. More generally, La Petite Maison in La Prairie will be the landmark for fans of indie music, jazz, electronica, but also house and live electronic music.


As for Labo, it’s all in the name. It will remain the place to go to discover musical experiments, more cerebral shows and a slick selection of emerging bands, with all styles combined. Friday at the Labo will be dedicated to a 100% Belgian programme and Saturday, it is LeftO, DJ digger and globe-trotter who will program his scene again.


Now head to the Dub Corner or the dubplates lover’s rendezvous point. Imported from Jamaica and then transformed in England, Dub culture lives at Dub Corner during the festival.


Finally, icing on the cake, there will still be new names to announce to unveil the programme of Rockamadour, a new stage in its own right, a kind of islet in the middle of the festival, for which Dour will team up with the best community radio in Belgium, Kiosk Radio.

The entire festival team awaits its most Doureuuuh community, from Monday 11 July to Wednesday 13 July for a warm-up of anthology at the Dour CampFest and as of Wednesday 13 July during the long-awaited reopening of the Dour Festival to shout DOUREUUUH louder than ever.

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