Dour Festival 2023

Dour Festival announces the full lineup of its brand new stage: The Garage!

Dour Festival will host the new little guitars’ shrine, with a capacity of 1,000. Wanna headbang, mosh and listen to rock, metal, garage, indus, cold wave, doom, sludge or punk? The Garage is just the place for you. Lift the metal door; we plug in overdrives and flangers.

Beware: best avoided by the faint-hearted! We’ll start on Thursday with a hardcore metal day as the cyberpunk of the Toulouse-based Punish Yourself will penetrate you to the bone while we’ll celebrate the comeback to Dour Festival of Tagada Jones, iconic band of the French punk metal scene whose music is also politically engaged. Let’s continue with Attila, the amped Americans will unleash mosh pits with their heavy use of distortion. The Garage will hardly resist the arrival of thrown, heirs of the new generation of a slick and destructive brand of heavy metal, nor will it resist Do or Die, the spearhead of the Belgian metal scene! The Portuguese band Devil In Me will present a hardcore punk and so will the Antwerpers of Fatal Move who will intend to conquer the hearts of festival-goers with electric guitars and crushing lyrics. 

On the next day, the Garage will welcome the Dutch coldwave trio Ambassade, which will pass through Dour as part of its icy musical odyssey, but also the dark wave duo Lebanon Hanover, who condenses all the melancholy of an introspective post-punk into music worthy of the best soundtracks of independent films of the 1980s. For the aficionado·as in need of excitement, you will be served with the New York kings of punk-harcore Show Me the Body.

A rain of melancholic riffs is forecast, with the little Belgian prodigies of experimental metal music a.k.a. STAKE, and the promising Brussels-based band Black Mirrors. Sticking with the Belgian theme, the doom and atmospheric compositions of Lethvm, the trashpop of Stakattak, the Ghentois of Wiegedood and the metal of Wyatt E. will plunge us into an apocalyptic atmosphere. A new arrival on the dream pop scene, the Belgian band Eosine promises to seduce fans of light and psychedelic atmospheres!

Hangman’s Chair‘s sludge and stoner metal, the psychedelic rock performances of Psychotic Monks and the hardcore punk of Birds in Row are expected to turn some heads during their first appearances at Dour Festival. The perfectly cut drums and heady melodies of the Amiens-based Structures and the shoegaze noise of Stuffed Foxes will be marked by a black and melodious nihilism.

Let’s also catch up with the Barcelona duo Dame Area which will pour out their Italian-Spanish accents and their hallucinatory 1980s punk. KEG, the standard-bearer of the new UK rock scene, and KLAKMATRAK with their techno and hardcore punk mix, will also bring a happy mess to the Garage. Are you a fan of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre? It is very likely that you will appreciate the Lambrini Girls‘ funny, chaotic and terribly catchy music. A new British rock sensation, rookies The Clockworks are a safe bet.

A kaleidoscope of math rock and krautrock, the music of the Swiss-based Omni Selassi and the psych-punk of the Montrealers PyPy, group composed of members of Duchess Says, CPC Gangbangs and Red Mass, will captivate the Garage scene as well.

If these 29 new names form the complete lineup of the brand new Garage scene, rock and guitars are not restricted within it. The other stages will welcome dEUS, Phoenix, The Soft Moon, Boy Harsher and other artists to be announced very soon.

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