Dour Festival dedicates one day to Dub and Reggae on 12th July and unveils the complete lineup for the 4 days of Dub Corner.

An exceptional Dub and Reggae lineup on Friday 12th July.


Dour Festival has always offered you a sophisticated lineup of hip hop, electro and indie music. But the festival stands for more than just that, it is also about celebrating together all the different cultures and musical genres. After announcing a day dedicated to avant-garde metal, We are happy to present you a fantastic dub and reggae program for Friday 12th July.


Several headliners who don’t need any introduction are added to the lineup such as Congo Natty accompanied by The Resistance, Panda Dub and Stand High Patrol who is bringing his full crew along: Pupajim, Rootystep, Mac Gyver and Merry!


Women will be represented by the presence of the 18-year-old prodigy and future star Koffee as well as Marina P who is presenting her new album and reinforcing Stand High Patrol – which we can thus enjoy twice.


But we don’t stop there. We are also adding Ondubground X Misc (Chill Bump), O.B.F accompanied by The A1 Crew who is bringing the entire team for this show: Charlie P, Sr Wilson and Shanti D.


Dour wouldn’t be the same festival if you didn’t get the opportunity to discover. We are also inviting: Bisou and the Belgian Daddy Cookiz, member of Atomic Spliff.


Four days of Dub Corner on the Blackboard Jungle Sound System!


This year the Blackboard Jungle is taking control of the Dub Corner from Thursday 11th July till Sunday 14th July.

Join them and discover: Aba Shanti-I 90’s Revival Selection, Amoul Bayi feat. Saah Karim, Blackboard Jungle meets Cultural Warriors feat. Nish Wadada, Afrikan Simba & Murray Man, Charlie P and Boxman selecta Junior T, Dixie Peach, Dukes vs Pirates, Kenny Knots, Kibir La Amlak (live dub show), Linval Thompson & Trinity backed by Irie Ites, Lt. Stitchie & Manudigital, Party Time Sound (Matthia), Unlisted Fanatic, Wicked and Bonny feat. Berise and Zema.

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