Dour Festival presents the complete line-up of the Rockamadour by Kiosk Radio!

Rockamadour, a small oasis hidden by sea containers at the heart of the Dour Festival, is devoted to the absolute best of the local and international alternative music scene. Jim and Mickey, music lovers and two of Kiosk Radio’s founders, have carefully curated the line-up to delight the audience from Wednesday July 13 up to and including Sunday July 17.


Kiosk Radio, a community web radio that broadcasts music  24/7 from a small kiosk located at the Parc Royal of Brussels, is the meeting point for music lovers from Brussels and elsewhere. 


At Rockamadour, Kiosk Radio’s line-up will stay right on brand: sharp, eclectic and uncompromising with CRYSTALLMESS, MC Yallah & Debmaster, OK Williams, Yung Singh and more than 30 other artists who complete an – already impressive – #dour2022 programme with over 210 names.

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