Dour Festival 2017

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Cleaner, better!

30 Years Dour

There are plenty of waste bins on the festival site.

You can throw your waste in the unsorted waste or in the PMC. Is that it?! For you it is, yes. You are coming for the music and we think it’s great if you are doing just the above.


At the campsite

• Garbage bags provided by our teams as soon as you arrive.
• This year, the Trash Trash (trash collection points) will be open 24h/24 so you can keep the campsites clean.
• Next to that, our Green Cross is there to help you if you have any doubts or questions about sorting or if you need extra garbage bags.


On the concertsite

• The Ecochanges become Green Corners!
• Less trash more cash! During the festival, you can exchange your garbage at the Green Corners for Green Coins. You can spend your Green Coins at the Merchandising or the Camping Shop.


Your bag for sustainable camping

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