Energy is an important aspect for a festival of this size. That is why, year after year, we try to evolve towards an increasingly greener energy, without compromising the proper functioning of the festival which, in addition to 240,000 festival-goers, welcomes 150 groups on 7 different stages, partners on a few dozen stands….. which costs a lot of energy!

  • Yes, we use diesel generators. But the number is decreasing every year because they are gradually being replaced by solar generators.
  • The Green Agora, the Green Camping and the car park for electric vehicles are 100% powered by solar energy.
  • Our lighting towers are equipped with dusk sensors… They only switch on when necessary and are equipped with LEDs to guarantee low power consumption and a longer life span.
  • Diesel generators are still the most common source of electricity at festivals due to the large ammount of energy required. The use of electricity production with diesel has some major drawbacks: the significant CO2 emissions, noise nuisance caused by the constant humming and the bad smell.
    Under the name PowerVIBES (funded by Interreg NWE), Dour Festival is working on a “hybrid unit”. The purpose of the GEM Tower, a hybrid and foldable tower, is to make festivals more sustainable thanks to solar and wind energy in combination with battery storage.
    The GEM Tower is a 21-metre high tower with an 8-mettre diameter. It generates energy via photovoltaic panels and a wind turbine. Regardless the weather, the festival always receives enough sustainable energy thanks to the batteries.
    The goal is to use the GEM Tower by 2020 on a large scale. The tower is an initiative of PowerVIBES, an European Interreg NWE project.
    The energy production is completely clean. The unit can be visibly deployed on the festival site and reach millions of people to test this concept of sustainable energy.

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