Green Brigade

Green Brigade

Because we want to highlight our 800 volunteers who take care of the tidiness of the site each year during and after the event, we present you (again): the Green Brigades.

Each one has its own mission:

  • The Green Frosch who takes care of the tidiness actions
  • The famous Green Cross that takes care of the collection and sorting of waste
  • The Green Rangers who set up awareness campaigns on the campsites and collect your sorted garbage bags to motivate you to keep your campsite clean.
  • … and you! Because let’s be clear, in order for the festival to remain clean and pleasant, the best thing is that you take the lead!

The Green Brigades travel in groups with green t-shirts and fluorescent jackets! You can ask them for garbage bags, but also for advice on how to sort your waste properly.

Green To Know: Every year, we organise training courses for the Green Brigades and, since 2017, job seekers from this team have been able to benefit from training in waste recovery after the festival via the Forem Formation Environnement.
Using the festival to promote sustainable development professions and perhaps inspire people looking for work to continue their voluntary commitment through professional training and work seems a great way to end these 5 days of music and party…
Green to know: Looking for an ashtray?
Pocket ashtrays are distributed at the campsite and in the Green Agora.

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