Social and local impact

Social and local impact

Dour Festival is socially sustainable:

  • Affordable rate for the underprivileged in collaboration with the non-profit association Article 27
  • Training in sorting and recycling of waste for Green Cross volunteers looking for work.
  • Taking your opinion into account thanks to our referendum
  • The cheapest festival in Belgium according to the number of days, bands, …
  • Access to the shuttle between the station or to the car park is free.
  • Intergenerational meeting with the elderly of local institutions: young and old can exchange ideas about the most binding element, music!
  • Support for the Boutique du Coeur (social grocery store in Dour) by collecting donations in the VIP area.
  • Participation in the financing of the purchase of guide dogs for the blind by collecting bottle caps.
  • Coffee on site and on campsites is organic and fair trade.


But also on local level:

  • Impact on local businesses through the purchases of festival-goers in local businesses (supermarkets, local shops),
  • Impact on catering reservations (accommodation and food – holiday homes, hotels, bed and breakfast, bars, restaurants, sandwich shops, bakeries, etc.)
  • organising measures to promote local tourism (bicycle tour and visit to a local brewery from the festival site in cooperation with the Hainaut Provincial Tourism Office)
  • Promoting local know-how through aperitifs, the presence of a local gardener in the Green Agora, but also through the involvement of the local population through collaboration with sports clubs, youth movements or associations in the region.
  • By using local suppliers as much as possible (shuttles, containers, printed merchandising, etc.).


Green to know:
In 2018, 720 kg of bottle caps were collected during the festival and donated to an association for the financing of guide dogs for the blind. For the purchase of 1 guide dog 125 tons of caps are needed! That’s why every cap counts! So don’t hesitate to bring your own bottle caps to one of the bars of the Festival and be part of this charity!

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