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Social impact

30 Years Dour

Social impact is also one of the aspects of sustainable development.

Dour Festival has an impact thanks to several actions:

  • Use of local suppliers within the limits of an event of this size.
  • Creation of a 3D label and requirements. Points are awarded for the requirements met. This allows us to nominate 3Ds best partner for each edition.
  • Impact in term of purchases the festival-goer makes in local businesses (supermarkets, local shops), reservations in the catering sector (accommodations and food – lodgings, hotels, B&Bs, bars, restaurants, sandwich shops, bakeries, etc.)
  • Impact on tourism (visits of the region, heritage, cultural and tourists attractions, breweries, museums, etc.)
  • Involvement of the local population by collaboration with sports clubs, youth movements and associations in the region.
  • Intergenerational meeting with elderly people from local institutions: young and old can thus exchange around the most unifying medium, music!
  • Promotion of local brewers by the organisation Apéro Découvertes.
  • Taking every opinion in account


Green to know

  • Every year you can give your opinion through our referendum. This allows us to rethink the implementation and layout of the site each year according to your needs.
  • Contributing to the funding of the purchases of guide dogs by harvesting corks
  • We don’t keep them to annoy you, but because every cork counts! It takes 125 tons to fully finance the purchase of a dog. The festival collected 600 kilos in 2017. So yes it’s not much, but that to is sustainable development. If everyone contributes, all the actions together allow us to do great things!
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