Waste Management

Waste Management

You are the one responsible for your tidiness!


Dour Festival is a small town, founded for 5 days, in the middle of nature to gather 240 000 music lovers. 240,000 people living together for 5 days has an impact on the environment.
That is why the festival has made every effort to leave the ground you walked, danced and slept on in the same condition as when you arrived, that is: clean!
Dour Festival has reinvented itself over and over again and has evolved bearing in mind to leave the site as it was received.
Be at the festival the way you are at home: a precursor of tomorrow!




On the festival grounds, you’ll find bins in 2 colours for easier recycling! Blue for cans, plastic bottles and cups that can be recycled.
Black for everything else. If that’s not easy!
This year there will also be a sorting centre directly on the festival grounds. What is its purpose?
Collect as much recyclable waste as possible and prevent some bags from being downgraded. We are counting on your help to sort everything properly!

In collaboration with Fost Plus.



One of our biggest challenges is the tidiness of the campsite!
Our teams distribute garbage bags upon your arrival. If you have any doubts or questions about sorting, the Green Cross is ready to help you.
Are you out of garbage bags? Ask at the campsite bar or the Green Cross. In addition to the Trash Zones, which are open 24 hours a day, this year we will also come every morning to collect the garbage bags in the alleys of the campsite.
Don’t forget the 2 colours: Blue for cans, plastic bottles and cups that can be recycled and black for everything else.

Green to know:

  • New in 2019: We allow canteens on the festival site to reduce the number plastic water bottles. Water dispensers are also available at several locations.
  • Dry toilets are installed at different locations during the festival. We have been using our supplier’s full stock for 4 years now, so it’s impossible to deliver the entire site without an alternative, there will be endless queues.
  • We only use paper straws
  • Only washable dishes are used in the Crew Catering, Artist Catering, the Pro/Press area, the VIP-bar, The Roof, the Rockamadour and the Special Beers bar.
  • We distribute pocket ashtrays and provide giant ashtrays with recycled material to prevent cigarette butts from being thrown on the ground.
  • Merchandising and partner goodies are delivered in bulk, without plastic packaging.
  • Plastic bags are not used during the screening, but reusable boxes.
  • Most zones are equipped with recycling material
  • The use of a label and a 3D task package aimed at our sponsors and partners. In 2018, the Coca-Cola stand was chosen as the most environmentally friendly (use of recycled materials, recycling actions, sorting and waste management, no packaging of goodies or use of disposable products).

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