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Waste Management

30 Years Dour

A festival (both 1 day or several days) has an impact on the environment. That is a fact. Year after year, Dour Festival has been reinventing and developing itself. The aim is to return the site the way it has been given to us. Recycling is one of our many concerns.


You have the possibility to dispose of your waste in the unsorted waste, to throw it in the PMC or to collect your cups and exchange them at the Green Corners on the festival. Is that all? Not quite… But you come for the music, we’re already excited when you do just that!


Do you want to know how our waste is processed? Follow the guide!


Green to know

  • No, we don’t use just reusable plastic cups, this for the simply reason we would have to make every year millions of new ones to satisfy your needs. Don’t forget that 97% of our cups get a 2nd life thanks to RENEWI.
  • No, we don’t use only dry toilets, you’ll find those at the Green Camping and on the site. Our supplier (we have been using his full inventory 3 years) cannot cover our needs sufficiently to provide you 5 days of festival without queuing.
  • All coffee on festival- and campsite is organic and fair trade
  • Various eating stands offer you local products, both veggie and vegan
  • We distribute pocket ashtrays to prevent you from throwing away your cigarette butts anywhere.
  • The merchandising is delivered in bulk, without plastic packaging.
  • Various areas (including the backstage) are build with recuperated materials.
  • We pay attention to energy. Yes we use fuel generators. But they are much less common and are gradually replaced by solar generators on test areas
  • Our lighting towers are equipped with solar sensors. They switch themselves on only when necessary and are equipped with LEDs
  • Our old banners are recycled to create new objects as part of the DEMO project

Do you want to know more or you are not convinced? The non-profit 3D is waiting for you in the Green Agora to explain you everything.

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