Dour Festival 2023

Find out the lineup of Dour CampFest

Find out who’s on the line-up for the very first edition of Dour CampFest happening from 11 to 13 July 🔥


Just two months to go to our big reunion for an entire week of Doureuuuh from 11 to 17 July inclusive, brought to you by the brand new Dour CampFest, for which the music programme will be unveiled today. 


Anyone who has ever heard of or experienced Dour Festival has surely heard of its legendary campsite, which transforms the festival experience into an ephemeral micro-nation of 40,000 campers. These immense roomies have today become the most enthusiastic Doureuuuh community there is, united around their love of music, meetings and CELEBRATION! 


Dour CampFest will then be a 3-day collective experience around 4 sound systems or stages.


See you from Monday 11 to Wednesday 13 July for 3 days of warm-up to the rhythm of the sound systems of the Brussels-based 54 Sound. Inspired by the culture of sound systems, free parties, reggae, dubstep and bass music, 54 Sound has made itself known by organising inclusive and eclectic evenings in unusual places dotted around the Belgian capital. The second sound system of the Dour CampFest, Île-Legal, 100% inspired by the authentic Jamaican tradition or the Notting Hill Carnival, will be hosted by the enthusiasts of the Legal Shot collective. NoName will also take control of a Dour CampFest stage. With NoName, it’s all in the title. No name. No label. A neutral formulation that reflects the collective’s intransigence with respect to standards and trends in the music sector and its rejection of any attempt at cataloguing. NoName explores an unlimited space for sharing and creativity. Finally, come to the Red Bull Big Bob which will host a ‘collective of failed artists, optimistic feminists, LGBT, party-goers under attack, buddies, DJs, sisters and brothers, creator of well-being and big parties’ aka Soeurs Malsaines and also Maloca Records, a world community and electronic music label behind which hides Le Motel and finally Underground Drum & Bass or one of the largest DNB concepts in Europe. Today, Underground Drum & Bass organises raves and they will be appearing for the very first time at Dour Festival as part of the Dour CampFest.

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