One partner

One partner

One of the dangers associated with the question of sustainable development at a festival is to fall back to hypes and to offer “standard” solutions you’ll find in the sector.




We chose to entrust our ecological aspect to the non-profit organisation Dour Développement Durable ASBL (3D Asbl).

In its origins, the association was founded to make young people aware of the importance of sorting garbage and respecting the environment, but also because the first members had already cooperated in cleaning up the festival grounds after the event. This has enabled them to develop sorting methods adapted to the events sector and more specifically to the requirements of a festival the size of Dour Festival, located in the centre of natural surroundings, where animals return after 5 days.

Since Dour Festival has been working with 3D asbl, we have seen a visible evolution in terms of ecological impact!

We always make sure to consider proposed options in their context, taking into account our own constraints and the availability of every element.

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