Sustainable scenography workshop

Sustainable scenography workshop


Green Europe Experience, the return!


After a first attempt in 2020 to take this inspiring sceno-sustainable workshop to life, we will finally have the opportunity to see it live in June and July 2022! 🌻


This initiative is supported by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme.


Many of you have submitted your eco-designed projects, each as unique as the other and always driven by the same desire for originality and sustainability. ⛳️


Your proposals for sustainable art installations have carefully reviewed by our inquisitive and professional GEX-ian jury (We Love Green (FR), Pohoda Festival (SK), Boom Festival (PT), A Greener Festival (UK), GO Group (DE), Dour Festival/3D asbl (BE)), which has seriously fulfilled this important mission, taking into account all the basic requirements.


It is therefore with great pleasure that the Dour Festival and 3D asbl are pleased to announce the winners of its sceno-sustainable workshop:







Congratulations to our lucky winners and a big thank you to all the participants for their involvement in this beautiful European project that is the Green Europe Experience. 🌱


Now let’s go to the long awaited Workshop! 💪




  • From the 25th of June to the 9th of July 2022: sustainable design workshop
  • From the 18th of July to the 20th of July 2022 : disassembly and storage of your design


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