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A summer 2020 without Dour Festival

Just like you, we were counting the days… Is it Dour yet? No, but it was fast approaching. Only 90 sleeps left this morning when we woke up. But in recent months, the face of the world has changed, transforming our lives and prompting unprecedented actions. New government guidelines have made it abundantly clear that sadly, we ought to cancel our event. Having monitored the COVID-19 situation very closely, we were well aware that this could become a probability, but until then we refused to believe it.

Yet, that’s it: the Dour Festival will not take place this summer.

The music has been turned down and the party is now tuned off. Our beloved annual rendezvous with you has been called off. The one and only that brings us together every year, to laugh, let our hair down and raise our arms in this very unique, peculiar and significant vibe… The one that we craved to share with you beyond social distancing and barrier gestures. In this sad turn of events, the floor of Le Labo and the podiums of De Red Bull Elektropedia Balzaal will not feel your unparalleled energy and love. And so, alone, we will be watching the wind turbines turn this weekend of July, without your beloved “Doureeuuh” resounding all around.

We are crushed given how prepared we were. We understand and support the preventive measures taken by the public authorities to prevent the spread of the virus. While experts agree that the situation could be contained by this summer, it is not yet recommended to gather large crowd – from Belgium and elsewhere – to #dour2020. The health and safety of festival-goers, artists, sponsors, suppliers, employees and volunteers remains our number one priority at all times. Let’s unite and voice our support out for nurses, healthcare providers and doctors all around the world who are fighting continuously on the frontline to eradicate this crisis. We’d also like to mention the unsung heroes, from supermarket employees to local grocery stores and others who have been working, despite the risks, for weeks on end, aiming to make our daily lives easier.

On the 4th of May, after we finalise procedures with our official ticket office partners, we will communicate to you all the necessary information to valid 2020 ticket holders. Until then, take care of yourself and your loved ones, wash your hands, keep your distance and stay at home in order to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19! This is our fight now.

In light of better days, we are working actively for the next year’s edition of the Dour Festival, which we promise will be twice as amazing as you are.

We will miss you… Doureuuuh!


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