Roméo Elvis headliner of the Last Arena for Sunday 14th July and also Wednesday’s last curator!

Roméo Elvis is the new headliner of the Last Arena on Sunday 14th July alongside A$AP Rocky.


But he is also our last curator for Wednesday 10th July. He’ll take over the Boombox with his festival Straussfest, and together we decided to bring along: Sheck Wes, Moha la Squale, Vladimir Cauchemar & Todiefor (présentent Chocolat), Shy FX feat. Dynamite MC and his three Belgian favourites of the moment: Ana Diaz, Venlo and Lord Gasmique.


Roméo Elvis has literally smashed everything on his path at Dour the last 4 years with help of his faithful lieutenant Le Motel. This time he’s return solo but accompanied with a bunch of new productions, a new album and the same desire to tear everything apart.


Welcome back home. Strauss Strauss!

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