The festival is renewing itself. It replaces the slag heaps with wind turbines and again bears witness to an exceptional turnout for this 30th edition.

An amazing challenge, 30 years later.

In 1989, a group of young people from Dour decided to save La Plaine de la Machine à Feu, which was threatened by industrial projects. They launched a crazy challenge, a festival to breathe new life into the city and the region. The uncertainty about the availability of the site and the immense drive for innovation and renewal led the organisers to design a new playground from A to Z for the 2018 edition. A site still in Dour to reinvent itself and look to the future.

The wind turbines, a clean slate, the reception, the discovery, our DNA.

There is no better image to symbolise this innovation than wind turbines. From the very beginning of the project, the environment has been at the centre of the project and consistency wants it to become our best visual ambassador.

For the edition of no. 30 we started from scratch and with the experience we have gained over the years, we thought about each zone, looking for the best way to welcome thousands of festival-goers, hundreds of artists, our numerous teams and all parts of this city of 50,000 inhabitants.
That’s why we created a new space that is more comfortable for everyone, more functional, logical and accessible, with campsites closer to the site, more toilets, more showers, new relaxation areas, a new area with food trucks, new decors, two new tents and brand new furniture. Investments that are in line with our desire to ensure a pleasant welcome and smooth ow in the long term and to make this event a celebration in all aspects.

In terms of programming, we retained the number of bands (more than 200) and stages (7). We proposed what has always been our strength, a selection of alternative musical projects, known as well as to be discovered, from all over the world and to promote the local music scene through more than 50 Belgian acts. Just like our Devils and our cultural scene in the widest sense, we can be proud of our musical talent. The festival is therefore an international showcase for them thanks to the presence of several hundred journalists, foreign professionals and tens of thousands of festival-goers from all over Europe.

The challenge was crazy, but also based on the team that questions everything every year and to positively stir the fantastic people of Dour. Demanding but faithful, nostalgic and always looking for continuous avant- garde. By changing sites, we have disoriented them, but when it comes to programming, they expect us to surprise them, to fuel them an wheel of re that keeps burning both during and weeks after the festival. Once again, they trusted us blindly. They came with many. 228,000 festival-goers over 5 days. On average, more than 45,000 people a day!

After an intense year and a titanic work delivered by all teams and volunteers, we will celebrate this great success in the company of the community of our festival-goers. And tomorrow, we’ll think about other crazy challenges to write new memories together, from 10 to 14 July 2019, on a new site where everything is possible now.

The Team of Dour Festival

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