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The Dour Festival will not take place this year. 

Despite the collective efforts to defend our sector, and the hope that our fervour and commitment will make a positive difference for the summer of 2021, we have to face the facts: even if the cultural sector will slowly come out of the shadows, the Dour Festival will still have to be patient.


Since the missed edition of 2020, we have been working hard to offer you a 2021 edition as you know it: a unique experience that brings together more than 250 000 music lovers and over 250 artists. We were ready to celebrate again with you, 5 days of music.


The Dour Festival is a special event. What other festival than Dour can boast about having such a strong community that comes together to vibrate, share, exchange and party, whether it’s in front of concerts and dj sets or at the campsites? Doureuuuh!


We believed in vaccination. It gave us hope that in July 2021, we would all be reunited under the windmills. What would an edition of Dour be like with 250 000 masked people, a Red Bull Elektropedia Balzaal in front of which you would all be separated from each other, tables in front of the Last Arena without the possibility of going to the bars… if not a vain attempt to make you, festival-goers, and we, organisers, believe that the party is happening? That’s not what the Dour Festival is about!


For festival-goers who already had tickets for the 2020 and/or 2021 editions, all the information will soon be available on: dourfestival.eu


We are Dourstalgic… We will miss you once again dear festival-goers, who we will not see on the festival ground again this year. Our thoughts also go to our employees, volunteers, technicians, artists, and all our service providers and partners who will suffer another dark summer season.


We promise you that this new hard blow will not stop us from wanting to get together! The 2022 edition – 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 July – will be the year of our reunion! We thank you for your incredible support and share your impatience for better days ❤


The Dour Festival team

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