Dour Festival 2023
© Olivier Bourgi

The stars of tomorrow come together at Dour Festival 2023.

Who is the future Angèle, Damso or Amelie Lens? 👀


Since its creation, Dour Festival has represented a moment in the spotlight for many Belgian and international artists, as an opportunity to perform in front of an alternative, demanding and good-hearted audience. Within the 250 artists on its programme, Dour Festival gives pride of place to emerging art, niche music, sounds from the other side of the world and the most seasoned selectors, to be discovered from 12 to 16 July 2023.


Whether it was De La Soul in 1991, Blur in 1995, Destiny’s Child in 2000, Calvin Harris in 2010 or Lomepal in 2015, Dour Festival has the gift of presenting international artists at a turning point in their careers. The festival provides European validation for artists from other continents, while it serves as an accelerator for Belgian and European artists.


In 2023, dozens of artists will make their debut at Dour Festival and will come to present a first EP, a first album, a new project or music so alternative that it has been confined to the side lines of the spotlight until now. Hyperpop, kuduro, trance funk voodoo, indie rock, eurodance and techno rave, from Belgium and Turkey, England and Togo, Brazil, Canada, France and Angola, the stars of tomorrow at Dour Festival 2023 are Ada Oda, Aleksandir, Baby Volcano, Bolis Pupul, Cellini, Crystal Murray, Emile Londonien, Farrago, Grace Ives, Grove, GUTTI, Heartworms, Herton, Jamz Supernova b2b Blck Mamba, Judith Kiddo, KETTAMA, King Halloumi (AliA & Lefto Early Bird), Lander & Adriaan, LCY (dj set), Le Motel, LYZZA, Meg-Beg, Nana Benz du Togo, Patrick Mason, salome, Senses Of Mind, Sofie Royer, SPACEBABYMADCHA, TDJ, Trikk, Tsar B, Vanyfox, VCL, Vladimir Dubyshkin, Werkha, Zohar and Zouzibabe.


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