You’re too old to sleep at the Dour Festival Regular Camping? You dream of a comfortable mattress for these 5 days of celebration? The Festihuts are small wooden houses, equipped with bunk beds with mattresses, for 4 people, with or without a terrace. 



  • A private space for 4 people
  • A terrace option and power socket option
  • Bunk beds with comfortable mattresses
  • Key to lock your Festihut
  • A 24-hour Festihut reception where you can leave your keys
  • A terrace and power socket option



  • Light
  • Sleeping essentials (pillow and sleeping bag)



Price for the festihut 4 persons for 5 nights (PASS DOUR FESTIVAL) or 7 nights (PASS DOUR XXL) : 650 € (+100 € deposit)


Price for the festihut 4 persons with terrace option and power supply for 5 nights (PASS DOUR FESTIVAL) or 7 nights (PASS DOUR XXL): 850€ (+100 € deposit)


The price indicated for the Festihut does not include ACCESS to the Dour Festival or the Dour CampFest.

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