Ikara colt


Ikara Colt were a four piece art-rock band formed by art students at London Guildhall University. They had a five year career beginning in 1999 and ending on 17 January 2005. The band had stated in interviews their intention to disband before they "turn into some old, tired and jaded outfit", this was the reasoning behind the decision to break-up after just two albums and one EP.[1] In Britain, the band were signed to London-based independent label Fantastic Plastic Records, while Epitaph distributed their records in America. Read more about Ikara Colt on Last.fm.

Lisez la description complète sur le site musical Last.fm. Le festival de Dour ne peut être tenu responsable du contenu ou de la forme de ce texte.


  • indie rock
  • art rock
  • rock
  • indie
  • punk
  • post-punk


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