Jay Mayhem

BEL (Mons)


Jay Mayhem started his career in DJing in the 90s at local club ROCKAMADOUR : the club of the DOUR FESTIVAL where he can spin and mix each friday and saturday stuff like White Zombie, Young gods and Prodigy, His earlier music consisted of metal hard core, Electro-Body-music, baggy music and indie music and all kind of music to be listened with extrem sport like skateboard or a bmx. On the way he Starts to read user's book ! begin a colection of Analogue Machine like the 808 and 303 and Akai sampler, the result was some EP Read more about Jay Mayhem on Last.fm.

Lisez la description complète sur le site musical Last.fm. Le festival de Dour ne peut être tenu responsable du contenu ou de la forme de ce texte.


  • drum'n'bass
  • jungle
  • downtempo
  • trip-hop
  • belgian

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