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Our values

30 Years Dour

A strong ecological conscience and desire to promote local artists


Dour Festival was founded by the initiative of a small group of young people from Dour, mobilised in 1988 to preserve the Terril de la Machine à Feu and its natural areas. One year later, the Dour Festival was born at the foot of this slag heap.


The environmental awareness is implemented through local and European projects related to sustainable development at events.

From the very beginning, the initiators involve all the elements of the Dour entity and emphasise on Belgian and local artists. Last year, the project “Bruxelles Arrive” brought together the new Belgian hip-hop generation on the Last Arena.

The will and knowhow of the locals revitalized the region. Today, it gives Belgian artists the opportunity to be discovered by the many international professionals. Dour Festival is a standard-bearer of values such as sharing, tolerance and respect for diversity, which is amply expressed in the musical programme.


The various professionals, whether music professionals, organisers or volunteers, testify the rich diversity of the team. Solidarity is also very important to us, you’ll especially find it in the NGO village that is present on the site.

Our saying summarises all these values in one punch line: “Dour c’est l’Amour !”


All these elements convince us that Dour Festival is a sustainable event because of the choices, the values and the actions it takes. Yes, every event is different and tackles the problem in its own way, each with its own requirements and its own reality. It is not a competition, the most important thing is that everyone contributes to minimise the impact on the environment!

Algemene Voorwaarden - Algemene Verkoopsvoorwaarden

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