Dour Festival 2023

DJ Elephant Power

BEL (Brussels)

Nicolas Baudoux aka DJ Elephant Power is a turntablist, DJ & producer from Brussels. With his fourth release on Sonig, Elepha In Da Flash, he has once again transformed himself, defying those who thought they knew him too well. Still following the ‘skweee’ genre, he incorporates the dramatic effects of dubstep whilst including a healthy dose of 8-bit warmth. Anyone who has ever experienced Nicolas Baudoux as a DJ will have fallen in love with his nimble fingers and the dynamic acceleration of pitch in his live sets. Today, he is part of a phalanx of DJs which have beaten a path between laptop-music and live performances to create the exceptional. He revitalizes the dancefloor with new musical styles which go against a uniform functionality.


  • hypno breaks
  • eclectic
  • adventure dot prg
  • sonig
  • play at luff
  • the vitamin b12


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