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FAQ & Contact

30 Years Dour

    FAQ – General

    • How to receive the latest updates of the festival?

      You can subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page or you can download our application!
      iOS :
      Android :

    • Working at Dour Festival

      Go Go Go ! asbl, co-organizer of the event has been involving associations in and around Dour for over twenty years. Each associations is paid for its services. The compensation they receive is used to support their activities.

      Go Go Go ! asbl also recruits volunteers for certain missions. Visit for more information.

      Dour Festival’s department for sustainable development is managed exclusively by 3D asbl. Do you like to make others aware of the need to respect the environment? Do you like to collect and sort everything correctly? Go to

    • Alcohol

      In accordance to the law, it is prohibited to serve, offer or sell alcohol to people younger than 16 years. In addition, all beverages containing more than 1.2% distilled alcohol (e.g. cocktails,…) are only available from the age of 18.
      It is strictly forbidden to bring alcohol to the festival’s concert site.

    • Drug policy

      The prosecutor’s office of Mons follows a strict course of action regarding the use of drugs, and thus more particularly on festivals: drug use is not tolerated.
      As in previous years, the police will carry out targeted inspections on roadways, car parks, campsites and at the festival entrance, where festival-goers will have the opportunity to anonymously leave their illegal substances in a box.

    • Disrespectful behaviour

      Dour is love!
      That is why we believe that everyone should be welcomed and respected regardless of their gender, language, political opinions, racial or ethnic origin, religion or philosophy of life, disability, age or sexual orientation.

    • Taking pictures

      Professional audio recorders and video and photo cameras are not allowed. Small cameras with basic functions without removable lenses and smartphones are allowed at the festival. Accessories such as brackets, tripods, selfie sticks, GoPro mountings and drones are prohibited.

    FAQ – Tickets

    • What should I do if I have a problem with my order or my ticket?

      Please contact directly our official ticket retailer, Paylogic:

      Via e-mail

      BE: +32 900 – 701 55 – [email protected]
      FR: +33 (0) 186267133
      NL: 0900 – 7295 6442 – [email protected]
      UK: +31 2 0700 9802 – [email protected]
      DE: +49 (0)30 3080 6319 – [email protected]

    • I wish to cancel and get a reimbursement of my reservation, is it possible?

      No, refund and cancellation of tickets is not possible.

    • I wish to change the name on my nominal ticket, is it possible?

      The name on your ticket needs to match the name on your ID.
      If not, you can change the name with this link.

    • What is the price of the tickets sold at the door?

      If the festival isn’t sold out, tickets will be available at the entrance of the festival.
      • 5 days tickets: €180
      • 1 day tickets: €85

      We advise you to buy them in advance via

    • What are the opening hours of the ticket office and the booths that put your bracelet?

      Find all the information via

    • What is included in my festival ticket?

      That depends on what type of ticket you have:
      • 5-days ticket
      • 1-day ticket
      • 5-days Comfort ticket
      • 1-day Comfort ticket

    • Where can I exchange my Drink and Food vouchers I bought online?

      You can only get your Drink and Food tickets at the entrance of the festival at desk “Ticket Office – Exchange voucher Drink – Food”. The counter is open on Wednesday to Sunday, from 12h to 00h.

      If you have a 5-day Comfort ticket or ar 1-day Comfort ticket, you can also exchange your pre-ordered Drink and Food tickets at the counter in the VIP area.

    • What is the price of Drink and Food tickets on site?

      Find all the information via

    • Is it possible to get a refund for unused Drink and Food tickets?

      No, Drink and Food tickets will not be returned or refunded. They will only be valid for the edition of 2018.

    • I bought camping equipment at the Camping Shop. Where can I pick it up?

      You can collect your equipment directly at the Camping Shop, located on the campsite. The items you purchase online will not be sent by post.
      Find the available articles via

    • Do I need a specific ticket as a Person with Reduced Mobility ?

      No, all of the tickets are the same for everyone.

      A large number of facilities are accessible on site. Don’t hesitate to register to benefit from them. More information via

    • Is there a minimum age to come to the festival? Can I bring my children along? Is there a reduction for children?

      There is no age restriction to come to the festival, but we are not equipped with the adequate facilities to receive children. If you are younger than 18 we strongly recommend that you come accompanied with an adult.

      The festival is free for children younger than 12 years (12 years not included). You need to be able to show us an ID at the entrance. Although it is not recommended that young children stay at the festival for a long time.

    FAQ – Practical Infos

    • What are the opening hours of the festival site?

      Find all the hours via

    • Can I leave the festival and come back later?

      Yes you can leave the festival as many times as you like, within the boundaries tied to your type of ticket.
      • 5-days ticket
      • 1-day ticket

    • Which days and hours does the shuttle bus ride between the trainstation of St. Ghislain and the festival?

      A shuttle bus ensures the connection to the festival site. It’s free and only accessible for those possessing a festival ticket.

      Between the station of Saint-Ghislain and the festival:

        • Wednesday 11 / 12h – 00h
        • Thursday 12 / 8h – 23h
        • Friday 13 / 9h – 23h
        • Saturday 14 / 9h – 22h
        • Sunday 15 / 9h – 18h
        • Monday 16 / 4h30 – 12h

      Between the festival and station of Saint-Ghislain:

        • Wednesday 11 / 14h30 – 22h
        • Thursday 12 / 8h30 – 22h
        • Friday 13 / 8h30 – 22h
        • Saturday 14 / 8h30 – 22h
        • Sunday 15 / 8h30 – 22h
        • Monday 16 / 4h30 – 12h
    • Are there sanitary facilities?

      YES, find all the information via

    • Can we eat and drink at the festival and campsite?

      Find all info via

    • Can I charge my phone at the festival?

      YES, find all info via

    • Where can I withdraw money at the festival?

      Find all info via

    • What are the different payment methods at the festival and campsite?

      Find all info via

    • Is there a parking?

      YES, find all the info via

    • What do I have to do if I lose (or find) an object?

      Find all the info via

    • Can I distribute promotional flyers?

      Out of respect for the environment it is not allowed to distribute promotional flyers at the festival.

    • What is not allowed at the festival?

      You can find our restrictions under article 4 of our general conditions. You can consult those via

    • Where can I find the medical team on the festival?

      All information via

    • Is the a booth for prevention present at the festival?

      YES, all info via

    FAQ – Regular Camping

    • I don't have any camping equipment, what should I do?

      If you need any camping gear, the Camping shop is waiting for you.

    • Can I come to the campsite with my motorhome?

      Campervans, caravans, mobil homes and trailers are not allowed on the car parks.
      Wild camping – and therefore also camping in car parks – is prohibited by police regulations.

      The organization declines any responsibility in case of accident, damage or theft on the car parks. No recourse to insurance may be taken.

    • Can I cook on the campsite?

      You’ll find two Cooking Islands on the campsite where you will be able to cook your meals, in a large convivial cooking zone and benefit from it to make new friends and share your culinary creations!
      Heating plates, microwaves and water boilers will be at your disposition.
      No other equipment or container is available on site.

      Consult the list of prohibited items on :

    FAQ – Green Camping

    • The Green Camping, what is it?

      The Green Camping is an alternative campsite where wellbeing, discovery, respect for oneself, others and the environment are mingled.

      After adhering to our Environmental Charter and provided with a specific entrance bracelet to the Green Camping, you will then be free to enjoy this exclusive space with sustainable values.

    • Do I have access to the Regular Camping?

      Regular Camping is open to all festival ticket holders.
      Your Green Camping bracelet gives you access to both campsites.

    • I have my Green Camping ticket and my friends want to reach me.

      Only Green Camping ticket holders have access to this area.

    • When can I pick up my Green Camping bracelet?

      Your Green Camping bracelet can be retrieved as soon as you arrive after the you got your festival bracelet. Go to the Green Camping Exchange vouchers container.

    • What are the opening hours of the Green Camping?

      You can stay at the Green Camping from Wednesday 11 July at 12h noon until Monday 16 July at 12h noon.

    • Is there any food or drinks on sale at the Green Camping?

      Food stands and bar are close to the Green Camping.

    • Can I bring a sofa, an inflatable pool or any other bulky object?

      The philosophy of the Green Camping being 0 waste, no bulky is accepted.
      If you are missing camping equipment, the Camping shop, is waiting for you.

    • Must I provide my own garbage bags?

      No. You receive garbage bags at your arrival (general waste and Plastic/Metal). There is a Trash Garden where you can deposit your full garbage bags 24/24 in order to keep the camping area clean. Please deposit your garbage bags at the Trash Garden at all time, otherwise you risk being excluded of the camping area. When you leave, your camping spot must be perfectly clean.

    • A question?

      Consult the general conditions of the event:
      Contact us: [email protected]

    FAQ – Comfort Camping

    • What are the opening hours of the Comfort Camping?

      You can stay at the Comfort Camping from Wednesday 11 July at 12h noon until Monday 16 July at 12h noon.

    • I don't have any camping equipment, what should I do?

      If you need any camping gear, the Camping shop is waiting for you.

    • I have a 5 day ticket, can I buy a Comfort Camping extension?

      No, the Comfort Camping is only accessible to holders of a 5-day comfort ticket or a 1-day comfort ticket.

    • Do I have access to the Regular Camping?

      The Regular Camping is open to all festival ticket holders.
      Your Comfort Camping bracelet gives you access to both campsites.

    • Can I buy a comfort ticket at the entrance?

      no, only in pre-sale

    FAQ – The Village

    • Who has access to The Village?

      Only those in possession of a valid festival ticket and reservation ticket of a accommodation on The Village have access to this zone.
      Only the number of people corresponding to the number of places available in the accommodation will have access to The Village. (e.g.: Festihut 4 people = 4 people)

    • When I make my reservation I realize that my service fee is over €100, why?

      The reservation fee includes the deposit for the accommodation you have reserved. This deposit will be returned to you by bank transfer after the festival if no damage has been noted in your accommodation during the departure inventory, and this on the account used to make your reservation.

    • Is The Village area closer to the festival site than the Regular Camping?

      The Village is located right next to the Regular Camping. The concert site is easily accessible on foot from this area.

    • Is it possible to rent an accommodation in The Village for less than 5 nights?

      No, these accommodations are available for rental for 5 nights only. Once booked, you can start its occupation the day of your choice.

    • Can I bring my camping gear to The Village?

      Only your clothes, food and sleeping gear will be allowed on The Village. Arbours, tents and other similar equipment will not be allowed.

    • Questions?

      Consult the general conditions of the event:
      Contact us: [email protected]

    FAQ – Hotels

    • Is it possible to postpone the nights of the hotel rooms?

      It is not possible to postpone hotel nights.

      Whatever the length of your stay, unused nights or extra nights will not be reimbursed or paid for by the Dour Festival.

    • What are the shuttle schedules that will take us to the festival?

      The shuttles leave from the car park of the Ibis of Valenciennes hotel (located rue de Maugré) and take you to the entrance of the site. And vice-versa on the way back.


      Departures Hotels > Festival
      • Wednesday — 12h45, 17h30, 18h30, 19h30
      • Thursday to Sunday — 13h30, 14h15, 15h, 15h45, 16h30, 17h15, 18h
      • Monday — 09h


      Departures Festival > Hotels
      • Wednesday — 12h, 16h45, 17h15, 18h45, 19h15, 01h30, 02h, 02h45, 03h30
      • Thursday to Sunday — 12h45, 13h30, 14h15, 15h, 15h45, 16h30, 17h15, 18h, 01h, 01h45, 02h30, 03h15, 04h, 04h45
      • Monday — 08h15

    FAQ – Sustainable Development


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