Dour c’est l’amour!


Whether it’s your first, tenth or 32tnd edition of Dour, you need to prepare yourself for a festival!

For 5 days you will be experiencing and discovering music, meeting people and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

In collaboration with professionals from various fields, Dour Festival watches over you!

A Dour without worries!


Preparing for a festival is easy: sleep well, eat well, drink water, protect yourself and… don’t forget to smile! Our recommendations:

  • Sunscreen
  • Earplugs – BLOX provides free earplugs at the Win for Life booth and at the various prevention stands. High quality earplugs are available at the Scream Shop.
  • Make sure to get enough rest (certainly when leaving by car)
  • WATER! One DRINK token entitles you to a 0,5l bottle of water. Because it’s essential for you to hydrate (and especially in hot weather) we provide 1,5l bottles on the campsites at the same price! Dehydration is often the cause of many ailments. Remember to use the different water points with potable water in the sanitary areas.

Actions for the well-being of the visitors


To ensure that everyone can enjoy Dour Festival, there are various prevention and sensibilisation booths throughout the festival. You’ll be informed on how to act in a festive environment, how to protect your ears and how to respect yourself and others.

  • A “Relax Zone” accessible to everyone
  • Mobile prevention teams
  • Safety and rescue services are found on the grounds to ensure the well-being of festivalgoers
  • Free restrooms on the entire festival grounds
  • There are points of water to wash your hands and refresh yourself in all sanitary areas.
  • Health & Security teams in front of every stage
  • Reception agents to guide you on the premises
  • Information & prevention booths

Learn more about prevention: /  / Sisu / SafeNSound / Pré / 

Let’s talk about… Respect:


For others


Dour c’est l’amour!

This is our motto. Everyone is welcome and must be respected, regardless gender, language, political opinion, racial or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age or sexual orientation.

No means no and wearing a skirt is no invitation to touch. That is why, in collaboration with ESI of the Red Cross, we set up a unit that offers both prevention and psychosocial support. The ultimate goal is to fight against aggression and intimidation.


For the law


Logically, Belgian legislation also applies at Belgian festivals.

This means that no alcoholic beverages may be served, offered or sold to people under 16.

Dour Festival doesn’t tolerate drugs!

Any infringement may lead to an expulsion of the festival. Visitors will have the opportunity to anonymously drop drugs in deposit boxes without consequences.

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