Dour Festival 2023


FRA (Nantes)

"Cadillac fait caca, caca d'amour / Caca du cœur / Cadillac fait caca, par cœur / Cadillac Cadillac caca caca..." How fun isn’t it to find back this chorus - and the anal state by singing it - at the occasion of the author's return, 15 years after the release of "The Cadillac Theory" and Stupeflip's first album. Recently Stéphane Bellenger alias Cadillac alias Casimor alias Le vieux fou alias Stup alias AQAQ alias Le Patron de la menuiserie continues the work of C.R.O.U. in solo. He arrives in Dour with his punk desires, his rap gimmicks and his cowboy boots.


  • stupeflip
  • nâ° c4di114c
  • le crou
  • rap punk


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