Dour Festival 2023


live with Leo Miller

USA (Boston)

Drumcorps is the solo project of Aaron Spectre (guitar/vocals/electronics), who is joined on tour by Leo Miller (vocals/electronics). After becoming a drummer for various hardcore groups when he was only 16, he left for New York aged 19 and started DJing and producing jungle and drum & bass. He was living in Berlin as of 2003 and, following the release of a few vinyls, was getting a large number of offers due to his powerful live sets. Drumcorps was born when he was 24, when guitar was added to the sets. The impossible live blend of studio electronica with the aggression of hardcore punk is arresting and intense, and widely celebrated.

Photo : Sunny Shokrae


  • breakcore
  • grindcore
  • noise
  • breakcore
  • grindcore
  • experimental


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