I Hate Models

I Hate Models

FRA (Béziers)
Friday July 15th, 2022

De Balzaal • 22:30-00:00


The new nugget of French techno will be back on the biggest dancefloor of the festival and will come to set up their turntables imbued with a nostalgic 90's rave style and acid, synthwave and trance sounds. The intriguing DJ cultivates the mystery surrounding his identity by not giving any interviews. It is through his music that he gets people talking about him, as in his latest opuses released via its own label Disco Inferno. Nobody knows who's behind the mask, but one thing is certain, live, I Hate Models is a must-see.


  • techno
  • industrial
  • ebm
  • french
  • dark techno
  • french techno


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