Dour Festival 2023


FRA (Paris)

“Là, là, là, t'es pas né pour rien, t'es nécessaire quoi.” [There, there, there, you weren't born for nothing, you are needed, you know.] More than a decade has passed since these words from the writer Alain Damasio - a friend of Erwan Castex, aka Rone - resonated on the producer's track Bora Vocal. "Needed" is perhaps one of the adjectives which best applies to Rone's career. What would our lives look like today without the Parisian's creations? Without Bye Bye Macadam, Parade, Brest, or his more recent tracks Mirapolis or Motion? Without his faithful relationship with the Infiné label? Without his collaborations with Etienne Daho or François Marry (of Frànçois and The Atlas Mountains)? We know the answer: they'd be exactly the same, but they would be less beautiful, less dreamlike and less sweet. It is in this way that Rone is needed by everyone. Thank you Erwan, we can't wait to see you at Dour Festival.


  • techno
  • minimal
  • ambient
  • minimal tech house
  • deep techno
  • electro