Dour Festival 2023

Wisdom in Chains

USA (Stroudsburg)

Wisdom In Chains was started a few years back with members from America and Europe. Maarten, a guitar player from Holland in a band called Daredevil made the call to Richie and Mad Joe who where in Krutch at the time. The three met while Krutch was on tour in Europe, plans here made and Maarten went to the USA to record. The group released a self-titled CD on Gangstyle Records but only one show was ever performed by the group due to the extreme distance between the members. Eventually Maarten who was a key writer in the band convinced them keep the band going in America without him and so Evan Feeble (guitar), Big Show Greg (bass) and Shannon Sparky (drums) are now in the line-up. Supporting a long awaited release on I Scream Records entitled Everything You Know, the show at Dour is sure to be a classic.


  • hardcore punk
  • oldschool hardcore
  • punk
  • oi
  • bfl
  • beatdown