ascendant vierge

ascendant vierge

FRA (Paris)
Sunday July 17th, 2022

La Chaufferie • 00:00-01:00


2019 summer saw the release of "Influenceur", the first sensational track by the duo ascendant vierge, a brand new collaboration between Paul Seul, co-founder of the group Casual Gabberz, and Mathilde Fernandez, a rising star of Gothic pop who gives voice to lyrics with a wide variety of influences. Since then, their gabber has had us under its spell as it reverberates around the dance floors of the biggest clubs. ascendant vierge is joining the brand new stage programmed by AZF, La Chaufferie (a name that gives clear hints about its style). The duo released in 2020 its first EP "Vierge".


  • french indietronica
  • electro-pop francais


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