Regular Camping

Regular Camping

The Regular Camping is the main campsite of the Dour Festival.


Its access is included in the purchase of your 5-day and 1-day ticket.

It contains the most important facilities to conveniently settle you into zone 1, 2 or 3. Each area has a sanitary block (showers, washbasins and toilets), a Food & Drink area with tables and benches and a trash garden to throw away your waste. In zone 2 and 3 you’ll find a cooking island to heat up your meals.

A 5-day ticket grants you access to the camping from Wednesday 14 July at noon, 12 pm to Monday 19 July at noon, 12 am.

A 1-day ticket grants you access from noon on the day indicated on the ticket until 11am the following morning (example: you have a Thursday-ticket: you can access the campsite on Thursday 15 July at 12 pm (noon), until Friday 16 July at 11 am)

The municipality doesn’t allow access to the campsite before and after these moments.

The festival organisers and the local authorities decline all responsibility in the event of theft. Lockers are available at the campsite entrance to leave your personal objects.


Dour Tips: because a clean campsite also makes for a more fun at Dour, a team comes every morning to clean up the bins.

Make sure you always sort your waste in one of the Trash Gardens designed for this purpose.

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