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30 Years Dour

Dour c’est l’amour!

Whether it’s your first, tenth or 30th Dour, a festival needs to be prepared!
During 5 days, you’ll experience parties, encounter people and discover new musical projects. You’ll be making fantastic memories for life!
Together with professionals, the team of Dour Festival watches over you!


No concerns during Dour!

Preparing the festival is very simple: sleep, eat, drink water, protect yourself and… smile!

We advise you the following:

  • Sunscreen
  • Earplugs – BLOX provides free earplugs at the Win for Life booth. You can buy high-quality earplugs at the Scream Shop
  • Rest before you hit the road again!
  • WATER! You can buy a bottle of 0.5l of water for one Drink ticket. It is essential to hydrate yourself (and even more so if it’s really hot). At the campsite, we offer 1.5l bottles of water. Dehydration is often the cause of many illnesses. Set limits, refresh yourself and eat enough.


Actions in favour of the well-being of the public

To make sure Dour Festival ends up as a great experience for everyone, prevention and awareness booths are present on the festival and inform you how to act at a festival. Just think about the risks involving your ears but also about the respect for others and yourself.

  • A “Relax Zone” that is accessible to everyone
  • Safety and security services on site to ensure the safety and the well-being of festival-goers
  • There are free toilets available throughout the festival
  • Every sanitary block has a water point so you can wash your hands and refresh yourself.
  • In front of every stage there is a Health & Safety team
  • Reception staff guide you to the site
  • Prevention booths to inform you about different topics.

Learn more about prevention: / /  / Sisu / / /



As a reminder, the Belgian law also applies at Dour Festival: drunk driving, consumption of narcotics and all other offences or infractions are prohibited.


Dour Festival has a zero tolerance on drug use! It is forbidden to use drugs on the festival grounds.
Any infringement may lead to exclusion from the festival. Drug traffick is prohibited at the festival and will lead to exclusion from the festival and police intervention. At the entrance of the festival you’ll have the possibility to deposit you narcotics, in the containers provided for that purpose, without consequences.


We ask all visitors to keep the site clean together. Use the waste collection and sorting facilities available at the festival site, the campsites and the parking. The police is permanently present on the festival grounds, as well as security, surveillance and emergency teams to watch over the safety and the well-being of festival-goers.


No alcoholic beverages may be sold or offered to anyone under 16 years of age.
You can find the general term of the festival here:


Terms and Conditions - General Conditions of Sale

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