Dour Festival 2023

Dub Corner

Dub Corner

cap.: 2000

The Dub Corner is the meeting area for dubplate lovers. Imported from Jamaica, transformed in Great Britain, dub culture is reigning at our Dub Corner. Jah Jah!

 Seen on this stage: Aba Shanti-I, Alpha Steppa, Channel One, Dub Invaders, Dubkasm, Iration Steppas, Jah Shaka, Kibir La Amlak, King Earthquake, King Shiloh, Krak In Dub, Lion’s Den, Lt. Stitchie, Maasai Warrior, Mo’Kalamity, Omar Perry, Suns Of Dub, Stand High Patrol, U-Roy, Weeding Dub, Wicked and Bonny…

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