Dour Festival 2023


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  • Festival tickets

    Regular 5-day pass (valid from 12 to 16 July): 195 euros Regular 1-day pass, Wednesday 12 July: 70 euros Regular 1-day pass, Thursday 13 July: 70 euros Regular 1-day pass, Friday 14 July: 70 euros Regular 1-day pass, Saturday 15 July: 70 euros Regular 1-day pass, Sunday 16 July: 70 euros. The price of a REGULAR PASS includes the service charge, admission to the REGULAR CAR PARK and the shuttle bus between St-Ghislain railway station and the festival site.

    ❗PLEASE NOTE: If you would like access to the CAMPSITE, you will also need to buy a camping ticket in addition to your pass. Find out more about our camping options in the ‘camping passes’ section. If you would like access to the EASY CAR PARK, you will also need to buy an EASY CAR PARK ticket in addition to your pass. Find out more about our EASY CAR PARK options in the ‘easy car park’ section.

  • Campsite tickets

    Dour is Belgium’s top legendary camping experience!

    ❗PLEASE NOTE: from this year forward, to access our campsites, you will need to buy campsite access from one of the following options:

    Regular Campsite: This is the Dour Festival’s classic campsite, with bars, food stalls, chill areas and cooking islands, where you bring your own tent. The Regular Campsite pass is 38 euros (booking fee included). Showers are not free at this campsite.

    Comfort Campsite: As the name suggests, this is a more comfortable campsite with a bar, flush toilets, free access to showers and a cooking island. You also get free breakfast (pastries, tea or coffee, available on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning) and a ‘Made in Belgium’ aperitif in the evening (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday), against a musical backdrop. The Comfort Campsite ticket is 110 euros (including the booking fee). Access to the Comfort Camping allows you to pop over to say hello to your friends at the Regular Campsite.

    Green Campsite: This campsite combines well-being, exploration, self-respect, respect for others and for the environment. It has a bar, flush toilets, free access to showers and a cooking island. You can join a yoga class every morning, plus there are ‘Exploring local produce’ aperitifs (from Thursday to Sunday inclusive). By booking (a) night(s) at the Green Campsite, you undertake to comply with the ‘Zero Waste’ charter. Failure to do so will result in you having to leave the campsite, without any compensation. The Green Campsite ticket is 70 euros (including fees). Your Green Campsite ticket also allows to you go and see your friends at the Regular Campsite. 

    Dour-les-Bains: Put up your tent at our campsite where the atmosphere is all about deckchairs, flip-flops and parasols. Our G.O. team looks forward to welcoming you! There is also a beach bar, a beach volleyball court, swimming pools and jacuzzis. Flush toilets, free showers, a food stall and a cooking island are available at The Village. A Green Campsite ticket is 70 euros (including fees). You are free to pop over in flip-flops to go and see your friends who decided on the Regular Campsite.

    The Village: Want to spend 5 days at Dour and sleep in accommodation that’s all set up for you, including a mattress? The Village is the perfect solution. Got friends staying at the Regular Campsite? Don’t worry, you can join them with your ticket to The Village.

  • Easy Car Park

    You are familiar with Dour but carrying your bags up the footbridge is not for you? No worries! We’ve got EASY CAR PARK! Choose this new arrangement if you want to avoid lots of walking. The EASY Parking ticket is only available on pre-order. These tickets must be exchanged on-site at the entrance to the EASY Car Park. A ticket for the EASY Car Park is 30 euros (including the booking fee).

  • Receiving your tickets

    Your tickets will be sent to you from 16 June 2023. We deliberately choose delayed delivery to avoid loss and ticket fraud.

  • Ticket scams

    You can order your tickets at or with FNAC. Every year we find that forged tickets are offered up for sale or that a copy of the same ticket has been resold several times. However, it is the unique barcode on the ticket that is authentic. Thinking you’re getting a good deal, you end up having to buy an extra ticket to get in. As this barcode is unique, please do not post a photo of your ticket on your social media.

  • Residents’ rate

    Residents of Dour, Honnelles, Quiévrain, Hensies and Boussu are offered concessionary ticket prices. For all practical details, please send an e-mail to

  • Invoice

    Need an invoice for your tickets? You can generate your own invoice from your purchase confirmation mail.

  • End of online sales

    We would advise you to buy your tickets from our website. Subject to availability, it may be that you will still be able to buy tickets during the festival from the main ticket office at the entrance at a ‘last minute’ price.

  • Ticket office opening hours

    The ticket office for wristbands and/or ticket purchases is open from: Wednesday to Sunday from 12:00 noon to midnight

  • Professional accreditation

    For press, please submit your request via this form.

    For industry professionals, please submit your request via this form.


  • Sleeping at the campsites

    For security reasons, camping and/or overnight stays are possible only at one of the festival’s campsites. Wild camping or sleeping in a vehicle (car, caravan, van, etc.) is not allowed.

  • Campsite opening times with a 5-day pass or a 1-day pass

    All our campsites will be open from Wednesday 12:00 noon to Monday 12:00 noon. If you hold a 1-day ticket, you will have access to the campsite on the day specified on your ticket, until 11:00 AM the next day. The local authority does not allow access to the campsite before and after this period.

  • Tipis

    A tipi is a space with mattresses for 2, 4 or 5 people and a rechargeable lamp, depending on the arrangement chosen. Both versions give access to The Village, its facilities and entertainment at no extra cost.

  • Tribes

    A tribe is a tent with mattresses for 6 people and a rechargeable lamp, depending on the arrangement chosen. The luxury version includes duvets, sheets and pillows. Both versions give access to The Village, its facilities and entertainment at no extra cost.

  • Huts

    A hut is a more comfortable tent that sleeps 4 people on a wooden floor with 4 mattresses, an LED strip, a lock and a socket. The luxury version also includes pillows, duvets and sheets. Both versions give access to The Village, its facilities and entertainment at no extra cost.

  • Showers

    Showers cost 3 euros at the Regular Campsite. Showers are free of charge at the special campsites (The Village, Green Campsite, Dour Les Bains, Comfort Campsite). The showers are open from Wednesday 12:00 noon to Monday 12:00 noon but will be closed to the public at the regular campsite between 2:00 and 6:00 at night/early morning.

  • Cooking Islands

    You will find two Cooking Islands on the Regular Camping where you can cook your meals, in a large friendly cooking area and have the opportunity to make new friends and share your culinary creations!
    Cooking plates, microwaves and electric kettles will be at your disposal.
    No other equipment is available, so keep in mind to bring your cooking utensils.
    Cookings Islands are also available at the Green Camping, Comfort Camping and The Village.
    Consult the list of prohibited items on

  • Food & drink on the campsites

    You can take your shopping to the campsite, but please note that glass is not allowed! The full list of items that are banned at the festival site is detailed in article 4 of our general terms and conditions (


  • By bus

    There are a number of options if you want to travel by bus from France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland or England.

    Bus packages include:
    · return bus journey from the city of your choice
    · a coordinator during the journey
    · activities during the journey

    Buses depart on Wednesday 12 July 2023. The return journey starts on Monday 17 July 2023 at 11 a.m.

  • By train

    Make the right choice and come by train to the Dour Festival! SNCB/NMBS will provide additional capacity. You get off at Saint-Ghislain station. From there, a free shuttle bus will take you to the festival and campsite.

    Event Train Ticket: Return journey at half price

    With the SNCB/NMBS, a special Event Train Ticket at a 50% discount is available, valid for 1 return journey by train in 2nd class from any Belgian railway station of your choice to Saint-Ghislain railway station, during the period from Wednesday 12/07/2023 to Monday 17/07/2023 included. There are no time restrictions on when you use this train ticket on these days. The exact terms of use and validity the Event Train Ticket are shown here. The shuttle bus to the site is free. The festival car park has a dedicated area to park bicycles.

    You have a unique SNCB code per festival ticket. This code can be found on your festival ticket. Each code is unique and can only be used once! Go to and buy your Event Train Ticket with your SNCB code.It is valid for 1 return ticket in 2nd class at half price between any Belgian station and Saint-Ghislain station.

    All information, conditions and purchase on

  • Railway station shuttle timetable

    Are you looking for a practical, economical and environmentally-friendly way to get to the Dour Festival from Saint-Ghislain station?

    Look no further!

    We have the perfect solution for you: free shuttles! These buses take you from the train station to the festival site on the following timings:

  • By car

    The Dour Festival car park is free of charge.
    When approaching the event area, follow the “PARKING Regular” signs.
    The kiss-and-ride is located on the public car park (follow the signs “Dépose minute”).
    Dour tips: For everyone’s safety, the organization insists on using these spaces to drop off festival-goers and friends in complete tranquillity.
    Please do not park, even temporarily, on unsuitable areas ( roadsides etc…) as this may cause traffic to slow down.
    Warning: Any vehicle parked outside the parking lot may be towed away.
    Wild camping (tents, caravans, motorhomes), both around the venue and on the parking lots, is forbidden by police regulations.
    The organisation declines all responsibility in the event of an accident, damage or theft on the car parks. No insurance claims can be made.
    Choose to carpool!
    Share your trip with friends to limit your carbon footprint.

    Online booking platform coming soon

  • By plane

    There are 3 airports close to Dour. Each of them allows you to easily travel to the festival.
    • The airport of BRUSSELS (Zaventem) –
    There is an underground train station beneath the airport. From there you can take the train to Saint-Ghislain.
    • The airport of CHARLEROI –
    A shuttle bus brings you to the train station Charleroi-Sud (Line A). From there you can take the train to Saint-Ghislain.
    • The airport of LILLE –
    A shuttle bus brings you to the train station Lille Flandres. From there you can take the train to Saint-Ghislain.
    Prepare your trip thanks to their routeplanner on
    At the train station of Saint-Ghislain a free shuttle bus awaits you that brings you to the festival.


  • Concert schedule

    Dour is visited by all kinds of people: people who like to stroll around and see concerts of the bands they are into when they are on as well as people who are extremely well organised. The full concert schedule will soon be published on this website and the mobile app.

  • Lockers

    Worried about leaving your valuables unattended at the campsite? Don’t feel like carrying your bulky belongings?

    A lockers area is at your disposal along the Mainstreet, between the concert site entrance and the Regular Camping.

    Several sizes of lockers are available. Payment in cash or by credit card directly on site.

    A lockers area is also available in The Village, de Green Camping, Comfort Camping and Dour Les Bains.

    You can take advantage of an advantageous rental rate in presale via this link.

  • Mobile phone chargers

    Charging stations are available at the concert site. At the campsite, power sockets are available at the shelters opposite the bars.

  • Security

    At all times, our number one priority is the health and safety of the festival-goers, the artists, their crews teams and our staff. We work with the local and federal police, the medical services and the local and provincial authorities to prepare the event.  The list of items that are banned at the festival site is detailed in article 4 of our general terms and conditions

    Unwanted objects will be voluntarily ABANDONED to the security services.

    The possession of objects prohibited by law may be prosecuted (drugs, weapons, etc.) by the police present on the site.

  • All ages welcome at the Festival

    From 0 to 97 years of age, everyone is welcome! However, festival-goers from the age of 8 onwards must hold a ticket. People born on or after 1 January 2015 get in free of charge. However, we would advise you not to bring any (very young) children. There are no special facilities for young children. In addition, we believe a music festival is not necessarily the most suitable environment for a very young audience. We also recommend that minors are accompanied by a parent, guardian and/or adult.

  • First Aid

    Did you hurt yourself? The Red Cross is present at the end of Mainstreet. If you can’t make it, there are roving teams around too. Don’t hesitate to ask them!

  • Accessibility

    In association with INTER, we are doing our utmost to make the festival accessible to all! We set up: a reserved car park near the entrance, free of charge for disabled permit holders. Please note: the same car park has a disabled toilet. a welcome on arrival at the PRM car park and at the ticket office at the entrance to the festival. Wheelchair paths to the stages and amenities. Two raised platforms to enjoy the concerts! (Last Arena and Little House on the Prairie tent). An induction loop at the podium of the Last Arena main stage, provided by our partner Veranneman. A campsite for disabled people, with the relevant facilities including a care tent (with care bed and lift). Please note: those who want to spend the night at the campsite with assistance need to buy a Regular Camping ticket. AVJ assistants (disabled helpers) are on hand to help you with everyday personal grooming activities and/or to move around the site. An info point at the PRM Campsite. Inter can be reached 24 hours a day (only) during the festival at number 0032 475 299 277. If you are a specialist institution that would like to take a group of disabled people out to the festival for one or several days, please let us know at so we can prepare for your visit.  Registration required. If you wish to call on these services and to get in touch with the INTER team, please register before 5 July 2023 using this form.

  • Drinks & food at the concert site

    Bringing your own sandwiches to the concert site? Why not? And to make the most of our water points, water bottles (only plastic or stainless steel and completely empty) are allowed. The full list of items that are banned at the festival site is detailed in article 4 of our general terms and conditions (

  • Food stalls / Food trucks

    Would you like to run a stall at the festival? Please send in your application by e-mail to

  • Non-food stalls

    Do you do crafts and would you like to be present at our market? Only one address to send in your application:

  • Working at the festival

    We do not employ people to work at the festival on an individual basis. For a long time now, the festival has called on the services of quite a few associations from around the region.  They are keen to contribute to the success of the festival while helping to sustain their association.

  • Artists

    Please send in requests using this form.

  • Other questions?

    Ahead of the festival, please contact us with any further questions you may have by e-mail sent to If you have questions during the festival, please go to the National Lottery information stand , check our mobile app, the display screens and the maps by the gates dotted around the campsites.