Dour Festival 2023


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New: For this 2023 edition, Dour Festival is going 100% cashless. Save time and avoid queues by creating your cashless account now. 

Simple, safe and easy, this FAQ tells you everything you need to know about cashless to make the most of your experience.


Refund form


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Refund requests are open from 12 noon on Tuesday 18 July to 11.59pm on Friday 4 August 2023.


To get your refund:

1) Connect to your cashless account. You will need to create one to request a refund if you have not already done so.

2) Click on Refund

3) Enter your refund details and validate your request. Refunds will be made no later than 3 weeks after your request.

A refund fee of 2 Douros will be applied. No requests will be processed after Friday 4 August 2023.


After this date, the remaining credit will be permanently lost. If you have a problem with your request, please send us an e-mail to before Friday 4 August 2023 23:59 to ensure that your request is taken into account.



  • Cashless, what is it?

    Cashless is a way of paying with an electronic chip that avoids the need for cash and tokens. Online recharging, one single currency, refunds after the festival, cashless is coming to Dour to make your life easier.

    When you arrive at the festival, you’ll receive a wristband fitted with a chip. It’s waterproof, so you can shower with it. But be careful not to burn, bend or puncture it.
    This chip will contain your access to the different zones as well as your coins, which will enable you to make purchases at the festival. This bracelet will be the only way to enter and pay at the festival (with a few rare exceptions, see “Where can I pay with my cashless bracelet?)

  • What are the advantages of cashless?

    Cashless has a lot of advantages, like:
    It’s safe: your access and your money are right there on the bracelet around your wrist, and you can directly link them to you through your cashless account. Which means less risk of loss or theft.

    It’s fast and it’s easy: online top-up possibilities so you don’t have to queue at any desk, no tokens lying around in your pocket and getting lost, easy refund of unused credits, etc.

  • A unique currency ?

    A unique currency for a unique festival! This year, the festival is launching its own currency: the Douro. 


    Your Douros will be used to pay for your orders at the festival (with some exceptions in the FAQ). The value of a Douro will be €1.7.


  • Why create your cashless account?

    Creating your account is not mandatory, but it’s highly recommended as it offers a number of advantages:

    – Top up your account in advance: no need to queue when you arrive, you can top up before the festival via the app or on the website so you can enjoy the festival as soon as you arrive;
    – Check your balance at any time via your account;
    – Block your wristband if you lose it (if your wristband is not linked to your account, we won’t be able to find it and block it) ;
    Important: Without this account, you won’t be able to claim a refund for your remaining credits at the end of the festival. So this is a key step.


  • I bought Food & Drink tickets, what do I do?

    At your arrival, present yourself at the entrance of the festival (Ticket Entrance) with your access ticket (5 days or 1 day and possible camping access) and your Food & Drink tickets you bought in presale. You will get your cashless chip on your bracelet topped up at the entrance with the amount of tickets you bought in presale.

  • How do I top up my bracelet?

    You can top up your bracelet several ways:
    – By creating your account before the festival starts (via this page or via the mobile app)
    – At the festival site at the cashless points (top up by cash or bank card – no American Express, no meal vouchers);
    Only for Belgians and Luxembourgers: via Payconiq by scanning the QR code on your bracelet. We recommend you to download the Payconiq app here so you can easily top up at the festival. Two dedicated WiFi zones will be found on site (across La Brasserie and across the big screen of the National Lottery) so you can use WiFi to top up online (via Payconiq or your cashless account)
    NB: this is only possible if you have a Belgian or Luxembourgian bank account. The bracelet is of course not linked directly to your bank account : no transaction will be made other than from the money you put on your bracelet. Don’t have a Belgian bank account? No worries! Go to one of the cashless points or to your online cashless account.

  • Which amount can I charge on my bracelet?

    The minimum amount you can top up is €20.
    Your cashless chip has a maximum of €425.
    At the end of the festival, you can request a refund of your unused credits.

  • Where can I pay with my cashless bracelet?

    The festival functions almost exclusively cashless. You will need to top up your bracelet to be able to pay for at following places:
    – Bars
    – Food stands
    – Showers
    – Official festival merchandising
    – Camping Shop
    – Batterra

    You’ll just need to hold up your bracelet to the terminal to pay for your consumption.
    Exceptions on cashless payments will be:
    – Artist merchandising
    – Artisanal shops
    – Shop
    – Lockers (Only by bank card)

  • I’m coming for several days, do I need several accounts?

    No. Keep your bracelet with your chip on your wrist and take good care of it, everything will be topped up on the same account and will be available for you to pay with during the whole festival. However, it’s important that you link your account to the bracelet you receive the first day you arrive at the festival.

  • How can I check my credit balance on my account?

    If you created an account, you will be able to check your balance immediately via your cashless account. If you don’t have an account, you can check your balance after every payment you make at a terminal.

  • I lost my bracelet with the chip, what do I do?

    Immediately go to the Cashless Helpdesk at the festival to block your chip. If you didn’t create an account, we will not be able to find the chip linked to you and we won’t be able to block it. Your credits will be lost. If you created an account, we can block your chip so it can’t be used and you will be able to ask for a full refund of what was left on it after the festival is finished.

  • Community Card : a shared card with your friends

    Round’s on you ! Wanna create a common pot with your friends? Easy does it! Go get your Community Cad at one of the cashless points, everyone tops up an amount on the same card, after that you only have to decide who will go queueing at the bar. This card has a unique code and can be charged at one of the cashless points or with your cashless account.

    Min. €50 for a first top up.


  • How do I ask for a refund?

    If you still have credits left over after the festival, you can request a refund of the balance from your online account (to do this, you need to use your cashless account or create one if you haven’t already done so). Refunds will only be made online, no refunds will be made on site at the festival.

    The application form will be open from 12 noon on Tuesday 18 July to 11.59pm on Friday 4 August 2023. A €3,4 refund fee will apply. Refunds will be made no later than 3 weeks after your request.

    No requests will be processed after Friday 4 August 2023. After this date, any remaining credit will be permanently lost. If you have a problem with your request, please send us an e-mail to before 11.59pm on Friday 4 August 2023 to ensure that your request is processed.

  • I changed bank accounts

    You can change your bank account number through the cashless account you created. When you request your refund, make sure to check all your details.


  • I can’t find an answer to my questions.

    At the festival, you can go to the “Cashless Helpdesk” on site.

    Before 8 July and after 16 July: you can contact us on and we will be happy to help.

  • What about the use of my data linked to the creation of my cashless account?

    There is no obligation to create a cashless account. If you choose to create an account, your personal details will not be used for commercial purposes by either the festival or its cashless solution provider, unless you wish to subscribe to the newsletter to be kept informed of new events.

    We will simply use your e-mail address to contact you for the survey we will be conducting at the end of the festival.

  • I want to resell one of my tickets that I had linked to a cashless account. What should I do?

    By reselling your ticket via our official platform, a new barcode will be generated. This will dissociate your cashless account from your wristband and you will be able to ask for a refund of the credit charged at the end of the festival.